Sideshow Prints

Some of the images framed for the ‘Sideshow’ element of After & Before at ArcadeCardiff printed up by lovely folk at PRIM Cardiff  

After & Before CYM

Mae After and Before yn ffocysu ar ddiddordeb Richard Higlett mewn syniadau ac ysgrifau y Gwyddel hollddysgedig J.W. Dunne. Mewn nifer o bapurau, ac wedi’ chadarnhau yn An Experiment With Time (1927) a The Serial Universe (1934) mae Dunne yn trafod y syniad fod  amser ddim yn unllin a fod breddwydion yn ddarnau o’r dyfodol….


After and Before draws on Richard Higlett fascination with the ideas and writings of the Irish polymath J. W.  Dunne. In various papers and consolidated in An Experiment with Time (1927) and The Serial Universe (1934) Dunne discusses the notion that time is not linear and dreams are made of fragments of the future. Dunne’s…

Typefaces for e-pub

Currently working on a small on-line publication of recent typeface work. COVER