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Artist Ivor Davies was invited to meet people at ‘Reception’, Chapter, Cardiff, Wales, UK. In 1966, Ivor Davies met Marcel Duchamp. Duchamp had met Matisse in 1911, Matisse had met Monet (in the 1890’s) and Monet met Courbet. In 1857, Courbet painted ‘The Meeting’. Visitors to ‘Reception were 6 degrees, physically from this artwork and…

Artist in The World

Many thanks to Andre Smits for this image of me in thought and my current studio space as part of his Artist in The World global project Visit  to see the studios of hundreds of artists across the world. Post Goat Major Projects my studio is very much a work of chaos. I will…

Google Transduction

1/2 The Grand Canyon /Valley of the Kings La vallée des Rois et Le Grand Canyon sont des tirages numériques répétant un dessin de Duchamp’s Fountain et The Bride Stripped Bare par ses bachelors, Even (The Green Box) avec les éléments enlevés. Le dépassement et le flou tentent le but inverse de Work and Play….

Flipbook ‘meanwhiles’

Flipbook Part of Le Grand Rien presentation at Millefleuilles, Nantes, France 10/17 from Richard Higlett on Vimeo.  

LGN pour MF exb: LGR

LGN is a typeface created for ‘Le Grand Rien’ a solo presentation at MilleFeuilles, Nantes, France. The exhibition opens on 25.10.17. LGN is an abbreviation of the exhibition title in French and English. “Le Grand Nothing”. It also refers to the method of construction, a typeface made using the masking tape which features in the…

parts of current working

ebook monograph music piece series of drawings two sculptures in different places installation series of paintings looking at the fetish collection of invented new words performance to be carried out by others in different places typeface based on re-configuring 4 black blocks in a white square